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A screw expander is a positive displacement type equipment. It comprises of a meshing pair of helical lobed rotors contained in a casing which together form a working chamber, the volume of which depends only on the angle of rotation only on the angle of rotation. Other than a pair of screw rotor and the cylinder the structure consists of bearings, synchronous gears, seal assembly, etc.

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STEAM SCREW EXPANDERS Harnessing the energy from steam to generate power is nothing new. The key innovation in Heliex’s design is that it can operate with standard industrial ‘wet steam’ – steam that often contains water droplets that would destroy traditional machines.

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The ORC power generation system includes a condenser 5, a liquid pump 4, an evaporator 3, and a screw expansion power generation device 1 connected in order. The screw expansion power generation device 1 disclosed in the present invention includes a semi-sealed or fully sealed screw expander and a generator which are integrally disposed. The


Small scale geothermal power generation has, until recently, been inhibited by the relatively high cost of the power plant. Developments in the design and manufacture of screw machines have made it possible to modify standard mass produced air compressors to act as expanders in place of turbines in ORC units of up to approximately 500kWe output.

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Jun 18, 2015 · The planned device also includes a silicon nitride screw expander, which enables high temperature operation. Brayton Energy will use its patented intake air recuperator and existing ultra-low emissions combustor to complete the CHP system. View details on GENSETS 12 projects HERE.

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Nov 06, 2014 · The Green Machine consists of a proven, patent-protected rotary twin screw expander. The Green Machine produces electricity, which is transformed from a source of low-temperature waste heat from


A screw expander is of the positive displacement type. It comprises a meshing pair of helical lobed rotors contained in a casing which together form a working chamber, the volume of which depends only on the angle of rotation. The first test results obtained from small screw expanders, which operated on water or

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The steam is forced through the screw expander and spins an electric generator. Steam is cooled with a source of cold water and condenses back to liquid form in the condenser. Operating fluid is pumped to a higher pressure, it returns back into the evaporator and the process repeats.

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A steam screw expander is used to generate electricity typically where low pressure steam is needed for an end process. A high pressure saturated steam feed from the boiler turns the steam screw expander, which in turn drives an electric generator to provide electricity for the grid or local use.

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designed for power recovery from brines in the 170o- 210oC range, the cost per unit output of the first expander stage may be less than 50% of that of a radial inflow turbine-generator set. 2. INTRODUCTION To the geothermal community, screw expanders are associated with low efficiencies and unreliable operation.

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Steam with pressure lower to 2.5 bar(a) could be recovered by our screw expander steam generators,to electricity,without any cooling water or towers needed.Some case, 2.5 bar(a) 3 tons hour saturated steam, could be recovered to generate 100 kWe electricity to grid.More details,please contact us.

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Archimedes Screw Generator Applications. Archimedes Screw generators can be utilized anywhere where suitable flows and heads exist, such as: Cooling water outlets from power stations; Industrial process water (e.g. paper/steel mills; Old mill sites; Existing small weirs/dams; Replacement of waterwheels and other types of generators. Water

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EXPANDER-GEARBOX-GENERATOR. In most cases, the operating speed of the expander will be at a higher RPM than the operating speed of the generator. It is therefore necessary to utilize a speed reduction gearbox to facilitate appropriate coupling speed. In one such configuration, the high speed expander shaft is connected to a high speed coupling that transmits the torque to a speed reduction gearbox.

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The BEP ORC power generation units operate in a temperature range from 80°C to 150°C and are available in a power range from 50 to 500 kWe. The units are heat powered by hot water, thermal oil or low pressure steam. The heart of the E Rational ORC units is their Z-screw expander, directly connected to an asynchronous generator.

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Orc Clycle Screw Steam Expander Power Generator/organic Rankine Clycle Screw Expander Power Generators , Find Complete Details about Orc Clycle Screw Steam Expander Power Generator/organic Rankine Clycle Screw Expander Power Generators,Water Powered Generators,Gas Powered Steam Generator,Steam Powered Electric Generator from Alternative Energy Generators Supplier or Manufacturer-Shaanxi

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Under pressure, the vapor is forced through a twin-screw expander (the power block), turning it to spin an electric generator. The vapor is cooled and condensed back into a liquid in the condenser.

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Apr 29, 2016 · Screw expanders are versatile and fairly bulletproof – think a refrigeration screw compressor in reverse. They can operate on waste heat that can generate wet steam. As high pressure steam enters the screw expander, it moves the rotor that is coupled with a generator to produce power.

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Heliex Power's patented screw expander technology provides a low cost and robust alternative to steam turbines & micro steam turbines. Toggle navigation T: +44 (0) 1355 233 127

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1. ABSTRACT A study has been carried out on the feasibility of using screw expanders, as an alternative to turbines, in three types of binary systems, suitable for recovering power from liquid

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Twin Screw Expander. The POWER+ uses a twin screw expander as its power block; which effectively is a compressor operating in reverse. The twin screw expander design is robust and simple. The operating speed of the POWER+ is relatively low (<5000 RPM), and does not require a gearbox to drive the generator.

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ElectraTherm’s POWER+ GENERATOR produces fuel-free, emission-free power from low grade waste heat using the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and proprietary technology. The company’s proven, patented twin screw expander enables its heat-to-power generating system to make electricity from waste heat instead of fossil fuel.

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GENerators for Small Electrical and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) e-40% electrical efficiency 11.7 Quads (Screw Expander)

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(>90%). It appears that screw expanders can work in relatively low power area, but are, actually, mainly adopted in a power range higher than the scroll or piston expander, due to manufacturing costs. Roots expanders are not frequently encountered. Technical and scientific literature about these machines is scarce.

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With a steam screw expander, power plants can accept saturated, dry or overheated steam — and, when combined with an organic Rankine cycle (ORC) system, many types of gas as well. Steam screw expanders also help with decompression, cooling and other functions.

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PureCycle Model 280 ORC. Read more. Hide

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Siemens Gas and Power offers a comprehensive portfolio of turbo and reciprocating compression solutions for the Oil and Gas industry and other process industries. Compressor solutions can be standardized or tailored to your needs in a variety of applications – such as on- or offshore oil and gas production, natural gas transmission and

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By utilizing a robust, helical screw expander, total flow generators add efficiencies to countless applications that have, until now, been very challenging. It runs at a slower speed without the high radial loads, tip speeds and balance problems characteristic of turbines.

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screw machines for wet vapor expansion, and, more recently, Smith et al.14 give a thorough presentation of the theoretical considerations and mathematical models of the screw expander process. These have been used in this article for optimization of the screw expanders in low-grade heat recovery systems.

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SRM is a global high-tech leader in compressor, pump and expander development. We combine innovation and technology development with competitive manufacturing capacity on a small to mid-size industrial scale for the global market.

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A turboexpander, also referred to as a turbo-expander or an expansion turbine, is a centrifugal or axial-flow turbine, through which a high-pressure gas is expanded to produce work that is often used to drive a compressor or generator.

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Turbo-expanders have a range of applications, but this template focuses on the use of turbo-expanders for energy recovery and power generation. Virtually any high-temperature or high-pressure gas is a potential resource for energy recovery.

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The ORC (organic Rankine cycle) system is an effective technology to generate electricity from low temperature heat sources. The twin-screw expander is a key component that is commonly used in the small-to-medium capacity ORC system to convert thermal energy into work.

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useful for screw expander generator. The screw expander provides a renewable power solution by converting low, medium and high temperature heat into electrical energy. It can achieve energy saving and environment protection. Undoubtedly, it is an efficient, clean and reliable way to achieve energy saving and environment protection. 1

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The expander principle relies on converting kinetic energy to useful energy / electricity by using turbines and electrical generators. As the gas flows from the high pressure stream into the turbo-expander, the gas spins the turbine, which is coupled to a generator that produces electricity.

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small screw generators, the "STEAMSTAR (TM)" series with an output power of 100kW. The generators effectively utilize steam having a small flow, low pressure and varying volume. By utilizing such steam, which is prevalent in industries, the screw generators save energy and reduce CO 2 emissions.

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The Vengeance Power Engine’s simplicity and mostly 2D design makes it very inexpensive to manufacture, mass-produce, build and own. All other positive displacement expanders are designed with specific tolerances according to their application. If the parameters change during operation, the expander would not operate as it was designed.

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The twin-screw expander is a key component that is commonly used in the small-to-medium capacity ORC system to convert thermal energy into work. In this paper, the performance of a twin-screw expander is theoretically and experimentally studied. A mathematical model is developed and subsequently validated using experimental data.

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Alibaba offers 5,545 screw expander products. About 1% of these are dental consumables, 1% are feed processing machines, and 1% are alternative energy generators. A wide variety of screw expander options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples. There are 5,545 screw expander suppliers, mainly located in Asia.

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Power Units; Tampers; Screw Expanders General Purpose & Safety Tools Screw Expanders. Image Not Available. 1/4-20 SCREW ANCHOR EXPANDER ASSEMBLY. Image Not

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Kaishan Compressor’s ORC power plants feature a patented screw expander system capable of improving isentropic efficiency by as much as 90% compared to conventional turbines. Our ORC expanders are versatile and easy to fit into your existing workflow, with multiple condenser options and power generation capabilities ranging from 50kW to multi-megawatts.